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Website Content:

In the 21st century your website represents your brand as much as you do, so your words are now more important here than ever.

The correct content on your website is essential, and my experience will ensure your web content is well written and consistent with your brand.

Digital Copywriting:

In the online era copywriting is needed for a number of different marketing mediums. From e-mailouts to adverts, the quality of your words is essential.

Social Media Management:

While Facebook and Twitter may be thought of as a ‘bit of fun’ or a way for the ‘information generation’ to connect to each other, they are increasingly being used to improve online marketing.

Whether you already have a presence social media and want to improve it, or would like to build one from scratch, I can work with you to increase your brand awareness.

Proofreading and Editing:

Potential customers will view your free resources before they commit to spending their money. It is therefore important that your copy is accurate. Whether you produce leaflets for your business or create reports, I can ensure that your copy is correct.

Press Releases:

Working with your local media can drastically improve your business. With my experience in running campaigns and working with journalists I can increase the awareness of your brand.

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